Vredekloof is Fibre ready ....

Fibre is live in Vredekloof!

Vredekloof residents can now sign-up and order their Fibre.

To find out more, please visit the Vumatel website here.


Kennisgewing van Algemene Jaarvergadering

 Die Vredekloof Community Improvement District NPC hou sy Algemene Jaarvergadering (AJV). Alle belanghebbende persone word genooi na ‘n oorsig van die jaar se bedrywighede en beplanning vir 2018/19.

Datum:                  5 Desember 2017

Tyd:                       19h00

Plek:                       Vriend van God Kerk, Vredekloof

Slegs bona fide-lede van die Vredekloof Community Improvement District NPC kan stem by ‘n AJV. Alle eienaars van eiendom wat binne die Spesiale-heffingsgebied val, kan lede word sonder enige koste daaraan verbonde, maar moet registreer voor 01/12/2017.

Vir meer besonderhede oor registrasie en AJV dokumente gaan na www.vredekloof.co.za of stuur ‘n e-pos aan manager@vredekloof.co.za of skakel 021 981-3303.

Aanrandingsaak word ondersoek

'n Saak van aanranding word tans deur die Polisie ondersoek nadat 'n groep mans (aanvanklik 3) hul as ...
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REMINDER – Public Meeting – Vredekloof Primary School

Kennisgewing van Publieke vergadering t.o.v. Vredekloof Laerskool Datum:  1 Augustus 2017 Plek:  Vriend van God Vredekloof Ouditorium Tyd: ...
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Vredekloof Community - Brackenfell, Cape Town

The Vredekloof Community Improvement District (CID) hopes to develop a common vision amongst residents, to change Vredekloof into an area where people feel safe and want to live, work and raise a family.

In 2006 the residents of Vredekloof established the Vredekloof Safety Council (VSC). As part of the VSC’s eight-point plan for Vredekloof, the Vredekloof Community Improvement District (VCID) was approved by Council on 26 August 2009.

The committee has since been working on the implementation of the Business Plan and to fulfill the visionmission and goals of the Vredekloof CID. The main priority of the VCID at present is to turn Vredekloof into a safe and clean neighbourhood for all its residents.

We hope that all Vredekloof residents will take pride in their neighbourhood, and that the choices they make will improve their own lifestyles as well as those of their neighbours.

Vredekloof residents can make their environment a safer place by being observant and taking safety precautions.


0860 123 VSC
0860 123 872

021-981 2040

021-945 1180 (SJC Control Room)

073 647 3135

VCID OFFICE (8:30am - 4:30pm):
021 981 3303 manager@vredekloof.co.za

Brackenfell Police Station:
021 980 5700

SAPS Sector 4 Policing (Vredekloof):
079 894 1427

Power Failures:

(General, prepaid, loadshedding and faults)
0860 103 089

Water Services:
0860 103 054

CoCT Service Delivery Complaints

For All service delivery complaints make use of the C3 electronic Reporting System:


SMS 31373 (160 characters) or

Phone 0860 103 089

This C3 reporting system ensures that your contact is logged & a reference number will track progress.


Notice of Annual General Meeting

 The Vredekloof Community Improvement District NPC will be hosting its Annual General Meeting (AGM). All stakeholders are invited to a review of the year’s activities and planning for 2018/19.

Date:                     5 December 2017

Time:                    19h00

Venue:                  Friend of God Church, Vredekloof

Resolutions presented at the AGM can only be voted on by bona fide members of the Vredekloof Community Improvement District NPC. This membership is available free of charge to all owners of property within the SRA footprint, but they must be registered before 01/12/2017.

For further information on AGM documentation and how to register go to www.vredekloof.co.za or e-mail manager@vredekloof.co.za or call 021 981-3303.