Lost and Found

You are welcome to send us an e-mail and we will post the detail here for a limited period.

Please keep in mind that we cannot keep any pets at the Control Room. If there is anybody who is an animal lover and are willing to act as a "safe house" to any lost pets, please let us know to add you to our database.

If you take the pet to a Animal Hospital, which is a good idea, also inform us in case somebody enquire with us.

Missing Cat


Dear Leon, Please please assist to have a look out for the attached missing cat - Zoey, which has disappeared from 10 Village Close, Vredekloof on even day at about 09h00. Thank you ever so much for all your help and always being there for us! Should you see the cat, please let me know soonest. Warmest regards Rainer C. March

Verlore kat

Goeie dag Sal julle ons dalk kan help. My katjie Nala is al 3 dae weg en ons get al oral gesoek vir haar. Ons bly hier in vredekloof. Ons is baie bekommerd want sy is nooit ver van die huis nie. En sy het 2 kleintjie ook nog. Al drink hulle nie meer aan haar nie is sy steeds baie besorg oor hulle. Sal julle die fotos dalk op julle fb bladsy kan sit vir as enige iemand enige nuus het. Ons kontak besonderhede is as volg. Herman 081 754 1329. Byvoorbaat baie dankie Liezel

DSTV Walka Found

Walka and case was picked up on Wessel Lourens Drive in the Vredekloof area on the 21st of March 2015. For enquiries, message 079 455 3939. To ensure that the Walka is returned to its rightful owner, it is requested that proof of ownership is presented.

Sun Parrot Found

"A beautiful sun parrot arrived at our house in Ysterhout Street, Vredekloof last night 21 March 2015. If this parrot is yours please provide the ring number. If you know of someone who lost a parrot please let them know." If it is your parrot or you know someone who's parrot is missing, please phone the Control Room on 0860 123 872.

Wingerd – Verlore/Rondloper kat


Hierdie mannetjies kat doen tans die rondtes in Wingerdrylaan in Vredekloof. Dit wil voorkom asof hy verlore is en betree snags mense se huise en baklei selfs met hul katte. Indien dit u kat is of moontlik weet wie se kat dit is, dan kan u gerus die Vredekloof Beheerkamer skakel op 0860 123 872.

Jack Russel found in Bordeaux Street, Vredekloof

"Please put this photo up on your website of the lost jack russel (young male dog) which was found in Bordeaux Street, Vredekloof Glen." Contact the Vredekloof Control Room on 0860 123 872.

Male unnuted Ginger Cat was found at 22 Plataan Crescent

The attached Male unnuted Ginger Cat was found at 22 Plataan Crescent, We have dropped the cat off at Animal Anti Cruelty at Sacks Circle 021 951 3010 (http://www.aacl.co.za/index.php/cape-town), after doing a walk around trying to locate owners. They will be holding the cat for 7 days from today 18/01/2014. Please feel free to call me should you require further details on 084 587 9814. Shelley Malherbe

A large white, fluffy dog attached itself to us

A large white, fluffy dog attached itself to us whilst I was walking my three dogs yesterday (18.01.14). After being unsuccessful in findings its home I spoke with CID and arranged that the dog be brought to my house as a safe house. Should anyone be looking for the friendly fur ball, please let me know / they are welcome to come and collect her from me (in Wingerd Drive). Should you wish to discuss the above matter and/or require any additional information, please feel free to contact me. Ashleigh Reid Cell: 084 902 3479.

Verlore Hond – 29 Wessel Lourens


VERMIS / GESOEK -TIMONE vanaf 24 Februarie 2013 BRUNDEL (SWART EN BRUIN) - STAFFIE 14 JAAR OUD Kenmerke - Uitgroeisel op haar rug en op haar regterbeen. Baie liefdevol, geen naamplaatjie nie Skakel asb Mev Groenewald, 29 Wessel Lourens Rylaan, Vredekloof 021 981 6387 / 082 37 17 623

Missing Cat – 8 Koorsboom

My kitten is 7 months old, a girl, tortoise shell as you can see on the photo, she is very slim and not very big. Her name is Mia (she also responds to Minkies). She is obsessed with being outside and last night she managed to get out the window without us knowing about it. It think with it being dark and she is not that familiar with being at the front end of the house she lost her way. We have been looking for her but have not been able to find her. I will really appreciate it if they can just keep an eye open and let me know. My cell number is 084 081 0204 (Laetitia) and my husband 082 458 1795 (Steven).



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