Congratulations on qualifying for VUMA fibre!

Good day Vredekloof residents,

Congratulations on qualifying for VUMA fibre! We are gearing up for construction to begin in the suburb. VUMA representatives will be engaging with residents in Vredekloof phase 1 this week. The reason for this engagement is to highlight the particulars of the construction process and confirm the fibre wallbox location on your boundary wall.

For your convenience have a look at the Vredekloof rollout schedule below to get a better understanding of which phase of the build you fall into. The rollout schedule indicates that:

  • Construction will happen in two phases.
  • Each phase will “go live” once civil and fibre work is completed in that phase.
  • The Map will show you a “construction start date” for when trenching activity can be expected in your phase.
  • It will also show you a “forecast fibre ready date” for when you can expect us to start installing into homes in your phases.

Please keep in mind that this is a large-scale civils project and the forecast dates can change. We will keep you updated if they do.

Construction process

VUMA will begin construction in Vredekloof as soon as we receive the approval from council giving us permission to get started. The initial phase of the construction process will include scanning of intersections, digging of pilot holes to highlight existing services and preliminary drilling throughout the suburb. VUMA plans to take two months to complete the civil construction phase and timelines on fibre ready dates will be communicated over the course of the build.

To learn more about the construction process, please take a look at VUMA’s Construction Pack.

Wayleave update

VUMA is waiting for our wayleaves from the council, we should receive them within the next week. As soon as we receive these we will then begin the construction process.

Communication Details

Vumatel builds in partnership with the community and we like to ensure that you are kept up-to-date. Please follow our Twitter account for regular updates on the build in your area. Alternatively, you can email your resident liaison team directly. If you would like to check the Vumatel website for general information please click below.

Order your VUMA fibre now!

VUMA encourages you to get into the installation queue early as we work on a first come first serve basis. This will ensure that as soon as the suburb goes live you will be able to experience high-speed broadband connectivity.


WE GIVE YOU CHOICE. Choose the package and price that is right for you by clicking here! It’s easy to convert your existing ADSL package to a fibre package with your existing ISP, and change the way you experience the internet!

We look forward to working closely with the Vredekloof community to ensure a successful VUMA fibre rollout.

Kind Regards,

The VUMA Team


0860 123 VSC
0860 123 872

021-981 2040

021-945 1180 (SJC Control Room)

073 647 3135

VCID OFFICE (8:30am - 4:30pm):
021 981 3303

Brackenfell Police Station:
021 980 5700

SAPS Sector 4 Policing (Vredekloof):
079 894 1427

Power Failures:

(General, prepaid, loadshedding and faults)
0860 103 089

Water Services:
0860 103 054

CoCT Service Delivery Complaints

For All service delivery complaints make use of the C3 electronic Reporting System:

SMS 31373 (160 characters) or

Phone 0860 103 089

This C3 reporting system ensures that your contact is logged & a reference number will track progress.