Crime Awareness

Underneath, see some of the key findings of research that was conducted  by Professor Rudolph Zinn on completion of his PhD on “Home Invasion”. His book goes under the same title.

Choosing a Target

– 63% of the perpetrators in the study  preferred to travel between 10 and 30 minutes by vehicle from where they lived, to commit a residential robbery.  However, most would travel for much longer time periods if the target was deemed lucrative enough.

– 77% of the perpetrators stated that they chose targets for which they had some ‘inside information.’  For example, they would be able to get information about a particular house from domestic workers, gardeners or other service providers including security guards (or from the relatives or acquaintances of these people).

– Some perpetrators know people who make a living through burglary and will get information on specific houses from them.

– Generally, perpetrators would prefer to choose targets in neighbourhoods that has many entrance and exit points, with easy access to main roads and where street  security was low or non-existent!

– However, only 25% of the perpetrators in the research stated that they deliberately chose a house because it had low security.  Rather, targets were chosen because they had reasonable information or suspicion that there would be much of value to steal once they had gained access to the property.

– The perpetrators in this study stated that they tended to focus on what they termed as the “middle class.” However, this term was used quite broadly to talk about anyone who had relative wealth.  Sometimes people with expensive jewellery, clothes or other visible signs of affluence would be followed home with the assumption that they would have expensive possessions in their residences.


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