Feedback on Fibre Presentation Meeting


Leon welcomed everybody and gave a short overview of the process up to now.

  1. 2012 – We 1st investigated the possibility of a wireless network that could cover the whole Vredekloof.
  2. April 2014 – We were approached by a company, Fibre Connect, to do a survey in our area. We signed a MOU but we were told that the business areas get preference.
  3. February 2015 – We decided to start our own research because we cannot wait any longer. At the same time, Vodacom via Fibre Connect, approached us. We held meetings totaling several hours with various role-players in the industry.
  4. 29 April 2015 – We finally kicked off with our own process where 39 Fibre Providers, including Telkom, were invited and asked for a RFQ (request for proposal)
  5. June 2015 – We worked through all the proposals and out of those that were shortlisted, we appointed a JV (joint venture) between Link Africa and Macrolan.
  6. Macrolan unfortunately had to withdraw and we and Link Africa had to look for another layer 2 partner.
  7. Frogfoot, Link Africa’s layer 2 partner in Constantia, decided to also join them in the Vredekloof Fibre Project.
  8. As Link Africa is using a technique to install the fibre, called “FOCOS”, the approval process at the City of Cape Town took a lot longer. Link Africa’s innovative methods of deploying fibre optic networks are now recognised almost everywhere and they were awarded the Frost & Sullivan Awards for Cutting-edge Technology in Telecoms Infrastructure.
  9. The City’s approval were promised and expected on 9 December 2015, but it was only approved in March 2016.
  10. Although it was a long slow process which at a stage looked like if nothing is happening, a lot happened in the background and we are happy to now introduce you to our Fibre Providers who will explain the process until completion.
  11. Lastly, he explained that no one is forced to complete a fibre survey, but for the benefit of ALL the residents of Vredekloof, it will be important to let us know if you are interested or not. The Vredekloof CID is also not paying to deploy the fibre in Vredekloof and is only facilitating the process to the benefit of all property owners. Vredekloof will be one of the 1stneighborhoods to have fibre, it will make the area more sought after and therefore increase our property values.

Dave Gale from Frogfoot did a presentation as follows:

    • The Frogfoot Portal is now open for registrations as well as orders.
    • Log into the portal at
    • Order now and only pay once installed
    • On the portal you will find the following:
      • Register Now – If you are interested in having fibre, it is important that you show your interest by registering. This will also play a role when they start deploying the fibre. The higher the demand the better
      • Order Here – although you can already place your orders, you can also wait until the fibre has been deployed before you place your order.
      • A lot more information i.e. What is FTTH, Packages, News, FAQ’s, etc. is available here.
    1.  He also explained the following
      1. How to register
      2. How to order and choose your package
    2. Installation
      1. The 1st 30 meters up to your house will be included in the installation fee
      2. Some ISP’s, depending on the package that you choose, may wave the installation fee
      3. The owner’s permission is required for all installations
      4. Two termination boxes will be installed, one on the outside and one on the inside of your house. Power will be required at the point inside.
    3. The role-players are as follows:
      1. Link Africa – Layer 1 partner who install and deploy the fibre
      2. Frogfoot – Layer 2 partner who provides the link between Link Africa’s fibre and the ISP via the data centre
      3. ISP’s – Layer 3 partners who provides the actual internet service to the customers i.e. data (including line rental), VIOP, etc.

Larry from Link Africa provided information as follows:

    1. They will use branded vehicles in order for the residents to be aware of them working in the area
    2. Wayleave application submitted
      1. Expected approval – 31/08/2016
      2. Core Build Complete – 30/11/2016
      3. 1st Home – 1/12/2016
      4. Last home depend on orders
    3. Promise to re-instate properly
    4. The fibre will be installed at a depth of ±500mm deep
    5. If they by accident cut a pipe, it will be repaired within 48 hours
    6. A notice board will be displayed with all their details –
    7. Can possibly use the existing pipe of your Telkom line to install fibre
    8. VOIP calls will be a lot cheaper and your Telkom number can be ported
    9. The type of Router and if you require a WiFi Router need to be negotiated with the ISP
    10. There will most probably be a freeze period from 15 December 2016 until 15 January 2017

The “worsbraai” will be re-scheduled for the 10th or 17th September 2016. All the ISP’s will be invited and you can then directly interact with them and asking questions.


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