Heavy rain bring potential for flash-floods across Cape Town


14 NOVEMBER 2013


 Heavy rain bring potential for flash-floods across Cape Town as it is anticipated to make landfall by tomorrow

Forecasted stormy weather bringing heavy rain as from tomorrow until Saturday associated with thunderstorms with a threat of flash-flooding. Read more below:

The South African Weather Service forecast heavy rainfall in many parts of the Western Cape, bringing weather warnings for the Cape Metropolitan area through tomorrow afternoon until Saturday.

A stormy weather outlook will be effective in the Cape Metropolitan area; as well as in the districts of the West Coast, Central Karoo, Overberg, Cape Winelands and Eden.

It is forecasted that the heavy rainfall will result in potential flash-flood that is in effect for portions of the Western Cape and coastal areas as indicated below:

WARNING: Gale force Easterly/South-Easterly winds (65 – 70 km/h) from Table Bay to Cape Agulhas and off-shore of the South Coast tomorrow afternoon Friday and Saturday.

WARNING: Heavy rain leading to flash-flooding: southern parts of West Coast Direct, western parts of Central Karoo, Cape Metropole Friday night and Saturday.

WARNING: Heavy rain leading to flash-flooding: Overberg, Cape Winelands and Eden Districts Friday night and Saturday.

According to the South African Weather Service in Cape Town, the hazardous stormy outlook warns of projected heavy rainfall that could bring rain as from tomorrow night until Saturday with a series of cold-fronts across the Western Cape.

The rain will likely make landfall heavily at times with 50 millimeters expected, with some locally higher amounts. It could produce areas of ponding water on roads or cause streams and stormwater systems to rise significantly and may cause flooding and flash-flooding.

The City’s Disaster Risk Management Centre warns that the flash flood warning are effective for the entire Cape Metropolitan area.

Occasional heavy showers with embedded thunderstorms as from tomorrow night through till Saturday will lead to the threat of flash flooding.

Rainfall totals of approximately 50 millimeters will be common in the forecasted areas, but locally higher amounts in heavier downpours could occur, which could lead to flash flooding.

Flash flooding of streams and stormwater systems, low-lying areas and areas of where drainage systems are block due to illegal dumping is possible.

The City deployed its disaster response teams and engineering crews to assess the levels of the water across the Cape Town to ensure that the necessary action can be taken to safeguard life and property.

The City is geared to initiate the necessary pro-active measures to discharge water from the catchment areas to counter flood damage.

Members of the public should inspect the drainage systems on their properties and ensure that no rainwater is entering their sewers. It must be noted that this is prohibited in terms of the City’s by-laws as it contributes to the risk of overflowing sewers.

The City’s Disaster Risk Management Centre will keep residents informed of developments through the media.

Useful contact numbers:

  • Flooding, blocked drains and service disruptions: Dial 0860 103089 or SMS to 31373.
  • Electricity outages/disruptions: Dial 0860 103089 or SMS to 31220.
  • Road Closures: The City’s Transport Information Centre can be contacted on 0800 65 64 63 regarding delays on roadways and deviations.
  • Weather Reports: listen to alerts on the radio and television, or visit www.weathersa.co.za.
  • Emergencies: Dial 107 from a landline or 021 480 7700 from a cellphone. The sooner you phone, the sooner help will arrive.

The City’s disaster response teams are in close contact with the South African Weather Service in order to keep a watchful eye on the inclement weather conditions.

There is also a risk of landslides, mudslides and rockfalls on the City’s mountainous areas, and particularly where there are steep slopes due to periodic heavy rains.Residents who live in these areas are advised to ensure that they take precautionary measures and to consult with their private insurance companies for appropriate cover for emergency repairs to be undertaken.

For further information regarding storms, gale-force winds, snowfall, landslides, mudslides and rockfalls as well as precautionary measures to prevent damage, please visit the Disaster Risk Management Centre’s website: www.capetown.gov.za/disaster.



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