New Property Tax Rates

The new valuations will have no effect on your Improvement District levy.

One must understand that although the levy is based on the value of your property, the budget for the Vredekloof CID has been approved by Council for the next 3 years. This means that The City can only collect the levies according to what is budgeted for. Therefore your CID levy will not increase due to a general increase in property valuations, but only due to an increase in the budget, normally on the 1st of July of every year.

The City of Cape Town’s 2009 General Valuation Roll (GV2009) was certified by the City Manager on 29 January 2010, and is now open to public inspection and objection. We would like to remind you that the public inspection and objection period closes on 30 April 2010.


0860 123 VSC
0860 123 872

021-981 2040

021-945 1180 (SJC Control Room)

073 647 3135

VCID OFFICE (8:30am - 4:30pm):
021 981 3303

Brackenfell Police Station:
021 980 5700

SAPS Sector 4 Policing (Vredekloof):
079 894 1427

Power Failures:

(General, prepaid, loadshedding and faults)
0860 103 089

Water Services:
0860 103 054

CoCT Service Delivery Complaints

For All service delivery complaints make use of the C3 electronic Reporting System:

SMS 31373 (160 characters) or

Phone 0860 103 089

This C3 reporting system ensures that your contact is logged & a reference number will track progress.