Professional Services available in Vredekloof

Insurance for Vredekloof Residents through Kempston Insurance Brokers

We have appointed Mr Greg van Zyl of Kempston Insurance Brokers as a preferred supplier for our insurance needs. They should be able to obtain effective savings for most residents as they have approached certain insurers in view of our unique CID model under which we live.

Greg lives in Vredekloof and has 35 years’ experience in the short term industry, both commercial and personal. Please give him the opportunity to see you and see if he can assist.

The Vredekloof CID will also benefit from every successful contract. Please vist

Contact Details:084 050 3949

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Accounting, Payroll and Tax specialists We help entrepreneurs to manage their businesses better.

Pieter Venter                                                   Hannes Venter

084 777 0555                                                  072 222 4007                           

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Indwe Risk Services

As a resident of Vredekloof, you can save up to 30% on your monthly insurance premium. For more information and a free quotation, contact your nearest Indwe office on (021) 974-5200. Please mention VCID to qualify for the premium discount.

Contact Details:(021) 974-5200 Old Oak Office Park, Oak Leaf Terrace, Edmar Str, Bellville, 7530

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> 021 981 2040 (Vredekloof CID)*
> 073 647 3135 (Vredekloof CID Emergency Number)*
*(For all Vredekloof related matters)

SJC Alarm Control Room:

0861 752 911

VCID OFFICE (8:30am - 4:30pm):
021 981 3303

Brackenfell Police Station:
021 980 5700

SAPS Sector 4 Policing (Vredekloof):
079 894 1427

Power Failures:

(General, prepaid, loadshedding and faults)
0860 103 089

Water Services:
0860 103 054

CoCT Service Delivery Complaints

For All service delivery complaints make use of the C3 electronic Reporting System:

SMS 31373 (160 characters) or

Phone 0860 103 089

This C3 reporting system ensures that your contact is logged & a reference number will track progress.

Vredekloof Community Telegram Group