Sewage overflows in Vredekloof

Residents in a quiet Vredekloof street are appalled by the sewage overflows that continues to
plague them.

When you enter into Lista Crescent the stench overwhelms you where sewage water is
bubbling up from a municipal manhole and dams up on the pavement.

Furthermore, three other homes in the street have been affected where sewage has pushed up
in their backyards, toilets and even washing basins. One resident who does not want to be
named says it is the third time since November last year this happened.

“Every time the City opens the blockage, but the problem as a whole is not being resolved. It is
obvious that there is a bigger problem that should be looked at,” he says.

Residents are having to pay private plumbers to clear the manholes in their backyard.

“We cannot live with the stench and dirt and it is a health risk to my family ” he says.

We cannot live with the stench and dirt and it is a health risk to my family, he says.

Manager of the Vredekloof City Improvement District Leon Brynard says the City will have to
investigate the entire sewage line to find the fault. “Individual blockage will continue in the area
if this is not done as a matter of urgency. In the meantime residents are faced with blockages
and overflows two to three times per year,” he says.

The City’s Mayco member for water and sanitation Zahid Badroodien, says the City’s solid
waste management department conducted a visual inspection and found that the sewer
overflows in the area are being caused by foreign objects dumped into the system.

“Generally, the majority of blockages across the city are caused by the misuse of the sewer
system. In addition, our teams regularly have to remove builders’ rubble, nappies and tyres,
along with general litter from the system when clearing blockages. These blockages are
exacerbated by the disposal of cooking fats into the system, which hardens as it cools and acts
like glue for the other materials in the line,” he says.

Badroodien said camera equipment used to investigate sewer lines are currently being

“As soon as the service is completed, a CCTV camera inspection will be conducted. Routine
maintenance will be conducted every three months,” he said.

Desirée Rorke @Dezzierorke



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