Time to object or comment is running out!

 Time is running out to object or comment on the impact that the proposed development of 198 residential units in Vredekloof, will have on traffic and infrastructure.

Application for REZONING and SUBDIVISION in terms of the City of Cape Town Municipal Planning by-law (2015): remainder farm 317 and portion 4 of farm 317, Vredekloof, Brackenfell

We recommend that residents study the documentation at the links below to be able to comment, object or make representations if they wish to do so.

The closing date for objections, comments or representations is Monday 25 March 2024.

It is important to note that the development is planned for 198 residential units with only one entrance through Wingerd Close, which is 230 meters from De Bron Road.

The impact of this on the traffic in Vredekloof will be huge and affect every road user. It is thus important, not only for property owners, but every road user to have their say on this.

Please make sure that you, your spouse, people you know that work in Vredekloof, tenants, people dropping off and fetching children at school, friends and family that visit you, are aware of this and respond before the closing date. This will make you an interested and affected party who will receive further communication regarding this.

Closing date for comments and objections closes on 25 March 2024


If you did not use the available channel above and responded direct to the city, please be so kind and forward us a copy via email to manager@vredekloof.co.za It is important for us to know who responded!

Documents for download:

We also received the following information during the week:

  • The 2nd Public Participation Period for the proposed development on Erf 317 and Portion 4 of Erf 317, with associated bulk services, Vredekloof, Brackenfell, Western Cape. The public participation period starts the 20th of March 2024 and will conclude on the 25th of April 2024.
  • APPLICATION FOR REZONING, SUBDIVISION, APPROVAL OF PHASING, CITY APPROVAL AND CONSENT – Glengarry. The public participation period starts the 15th of March 2024 and will conclude on the 18th of April 2024.
  • Application for Rezoning, Permanent Street building line departures, Consent use, Site Development Plan approval on Remainder of erf 704, Brackenfell – MôRESON ESTATE, Vredekloof East (±377 3 & 4 storey flats) – Public participation closed on 26 October 2023 (we did not receive any notification)

We will distribute the available documentation and information on the above during the coming week.


  • Traffic Impact Statement/Survey (TIS)
    • ‘n afgeskaalde/kleiner/minder in-diepte ondersoek wat gewoonlik gedoen word by ‘n kleiner ontwikkeling.
  • Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA)
    • traffic study (dit is ‘n baie in diepte ondersoek wat gedoen word omtrent die verkeer).

NB – We need to insist on a TIA, taking in to account, all developments that might have an influence on Vredekloof and the surrounding road network!


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