Water still seeping out in Vredekloof Way

A mysterious water seepage in Vredekloof Road is a road hazard for motorists. Water has leaked onto this road 24/7 from an unknown source for two years now.

Two years after reporting a strange water seepage to City of Cape Town authorities, large amounts of water continue to seep onto Vredekloof Road in Vredekloof 24/7 without resolve.

Over time the water has eroded the tar and continuously poses a threat to motorists who have reported their tires slipping on the road.

At least one accident has been reported here in June 2021.

When the problem was first brought to the City’s attention by the Vredekloof City Improvement District (CID) in November 2019 an investigation concluded that the water is being discharged from the car wash at the fuel station.

Subsequently the owner of the car wash was given a 14-day contravention notification to rectify the problem.

Fourteen days turned into more than 20 months.

Last week the City, in response to a media inquiry, informed TygerBurger that further water tests were done which indicated another source for the seepage.

“The Water Pollution Services analysis of the water samples taken concluded that the water is definitely not coming from the car wash.

“According to the results, all indications are that the water is ground water and the assumption was made that the area has a high water table,” says a spokesperson at the City.

“A continuous trickle of water into the dam behind the fuel station was also observed with no rain in days, which is also indicative of a high water table.

“To establish the water table, road management infrastructure will investigate a solution based on the outcome of the water test results that groundwater is highly likely the root of the problem.”

Either way no attempts to resolve the issue has yet borne any fruit.

Leon Brynard, manager of the Vredekloof CID, says this long delay and lack of feedback from the City is unacceptable.

“Ratepayers are being affected by this lack of service delivery and demand answers and are running out of patience as the water flow becomes worse,” he says.

According to Brynard’s email records there was no feedback or communication from the City between 28 February 2020 and 8 November 2021 when he again approached the City for answers.

A subsequent response from the City on 9 November indicated that “it appears as if nothing transpired after the contravention notice was issued”.

Yet, the City in response to a media inquiry insists that “the road infrastructure management department has investigated and responded to this situation on numerous occasions.”

When TygerBurger visited the site on Wednesday 5 January, the water was still seeping onto the road.

Brynard says, apart from an email on 14 December (wherein he was copied in) from the subcouncil manager following up on work, he is still waiting for answers.

Desirée Rorke @Dezzierorke



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